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Avoid Criminal Penalties!

Need a criminal defense attorney?

When you are charged with a crime and are facing prison, probation, a criminal record, thousands of dollars in fines and fees, loss of a job, family stress, sex offender registration, and more, it is time to call us here at The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C.

We have extensive experience in screening, reviewing, negotiating and often times trying the following types of cases:

Sexual Offenses
Violent Crimes
Expunction/Non-Disclosure Order
Motions To Revoke Probation

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) 

Driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol is a criminal offense that can have extremely serious legal consequences under Texas law.  Many drivers are surprised to learn that they can be accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI) even after only a few drinks.  Some drivers are also surprised to discover that Texas DWI/DUI laws are not restricted to only alcohol; a driver may be charged with an offense if they have taken a controlled substance, a drug, or any other substance that may impair their ability to drive safely. This even includes certain prescription or over-the-counter medications, regardless of whether you had a valid prescription from a physician. 


If you are arrested for a DUI or a DWI in Texas (DUI in Texas usually applies to minors), whether this is your first offense or if you're facing multiple DWI charges, you will need an experienced Central Texas attorney fighting to save your driver's license and to keep you out of jail.  Without an attorney on your side, you may face more significant penalties than you would otherwise. By retaining competent legal counsel, you'll give yourself a fighting chance to have your charges reduced at the very least, if not dismissed completely. DWI law is extremely nuanced and your case is unique, which means there is no reason to think that you can’t win simply because the evidence seems to be stacked against you. If you decide to hire legal counsel, you should retain the services of an attorney who is highly experienced in DWI law.  


To discuss the details of your case with a professional Central Texas DWI lawyer, contact The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. today via the form on this website or phone at (254) 616-2529.  The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. handles every case personally. Contact us today!

Sexual Offenses

Sexual Offenses

Some of the most serious crimes under Texas law can involve allegations of sexual assault or rape under Texas Penal Code section 22.011. Under this statutory scheme, sexual assault is generally defined as any non-consensual, unwanted sexual contact against another person involving penetration. The definition of "lack of consent" can include physical force, threats of violence, coercion, and even manipulation. Depending on the facts of the case, this sex crime can be charged as either a first or second-degree felony


In many cases, the case can be prosecuted based on the word of the alleged victim even though no physical evidence supports the accusation. One of the most difficult aspects of sexual assault defense is the fact that there are rarely ever any witnesses to sexual assault crimes. In addition to the lack of witnesses, there is usually little evidence that a rape, attempted rape, molestation, or other sex crime, ever occurred. Taking away evidence and witnesses, what we are left with is one word vs. another – the victim’s claim, and the suspect’s defense,  Cases involving false allegations do occur for a variety of reasons. Despite the severe sanctions imposed on those convicted of sexual assault, Texas law provides for several important defenses against this serious criminal charge when the allegations are false or when the evidence is insufficient.

DON'T MAKE A SERIOUS MISTAKE--Make The Right Choice For Your Central Texas Sex Crimes Defense Attorney!

Call Attorney Gregory K. Simmons to discuss the particular facts of your case. Obtaining representation as soon as possible after the allegation is important so that all favorable evidence can be gathered before memories fade or physical evidence is lost.  Gregory K. Simmons is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Central Texas who fights for individuals who have been falsely accused of sexual assault in Bell County and Coryell County, Texas. Call The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. at  (254) 616-2529 to speak directly with a Central Texas sexual assault defense attorney about the particular facts of your case.

Violent Crimes

At The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C., our attorneys have been defending clients against criminal assault, domestic abuse (family violence), manslaughter, murder, theftrobbery & restraining orders violations for over 20 years.

If you have been charged with a violent crime or are facing allegations of one, you are encouraged to contact an experienced Central Texas criminal defense attorney IMMEDIATELY.  These crimes are serious and yield extremely harsh consequences if you are convicted.

If you have been accused of committing a violent crime in Central Texas, do not hesitate to call our team at The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. or fill out a free initial case evaluation form to learn more about your rights and defense options. Contact our office NOW to speak with a Central Texas criminal defense lawyer who can help you understand your rights and begin working on a strategy for your case!


Many of the people who come to our law offices for help with fighting violent crime charges have been wrongfully accused. This is common in cases where the suspect was not the aggressor but was actually acting in self-defense. Perhaps you never even hit anyone, yet you are now being accused of some type of violence. Maybe you were mistakenly identified as the perpetrator of a crime you didn't commit.


A violent crime conviction of felony or misdemeanor can result in severe penalties. The defendant may serve time in prison or jail, pay steep fines, undergo anger management or other counseling, and suffer personal consequences like divorce, loss of child custody or an unfavorable property settlement during divorce proceedings.


Violent Crimes are taken seriously by law enforcement personnel and prosecutors. Because of this, it is vital to have a competent, experienced defense attorney on your side.  Seek the help of an attorney from The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. in Killeen, Texas to learn more about what you can do to assert your rights.

Expunction/Non-Disclosure Order

A negative mark on your criminal record can be a major setback in a number of ways. It can keep you from getting a job, apartment, professional license, or even a gun. The effects of even a minor criminal conviction can haunt you long after you have completed your debt to society.

Our Central Texas attorneys have a number of different methods we can use to help you clear or seal your criminal history in Texas. We have helped several clients find the relief they need by using expunctions and nondisclosure orders. These are very complicated processes, and you need to have an attorney who has practical, hands-on experience with these matters.

Have you recently completed probation?  

Get a FREE initial consult with The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. today!

Motions To Revoke Probation

If you are on probation for either a misdemeanor or felony offense and commit a violation of any rule or condition set by the court, the prosecuting attorney may file a motion to revoke your probation. Violations may include:

  • Missed appointments

  • New criminal charges alleged against you

  • Failure to complete community service

  • Positive drug screens

  • Failure to pay fees on time


Either type of violation could land the offender in jail or prison.  If your probation is revoked, you face the possibility of being sentenced up to the full amount of your original probation length. The range of punishment depends upon the offense for which you are on probation for and the terms of that probation.


The repercussions of a motion to revoke are very serious. You need an experienced Central Texas Criminal Defense attorney who knows how to navigate a revocation hearing and get the best result for their client. The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. handles every case personally.  Let us explore your options and fight for the best outcome for you! Click here to schedule a FREE initial case review.

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