Defending Those Who Defend Us!

Trusted Representation For All Service Members

 The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. specializes in defending those who defend us.  Our founder, Gregory K. Simmons, has served as an Assistant Attorney General in the United States Virgin Islands and for the Army's Judge Advocate General Corps.  He is a former service member who proudly stands behind the men and women serving this great country and makes certain that they receive the representation they deserve.


He was working at the Pentagon in the Office of The Army's General Counsel when the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001. Our law office has extensive knowledge of the Military Criminal Justice System and is highly experienced in the representation of active duty military service members who need legal assistance with:

  • Article 15 - Nonjudicial Punishment

  • Discharge Upgrades

  • Court Martial

  • Separation Board


When your freedom is threatened by the government, when your career and financial future is on the line, and if legal stress is getting the best of you, let The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. apply the trial skills they have honed for over 30 years to aggressively advocate on your behalf.


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