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Family Law



Whether your goal is a cordial divorce with a negotiated settlement, or if you need a trial in order to achieve a proper outcome, you need the advice of our experienced Central Texas family law attorneys to guide you through the complex divorce process. 


Our effective divorce attorneys have proven trial experience and have a command of the law involved in complicated property division, child and spousal support, and custody.

At The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C., we believe that an amicable, negotiated process is the ideal way to handle a divorce or custody dispute. Working together with your spouse, partner or co-parent to reach a fair resolution helps insulate your children and takes less of a toll on your emotions and finances.

Unfortunately, sometimes you just need to fight because the other side is not committed to a collaborative approach. When that happens, you need a strong advocate with extensive trial experience who is prepared to stand up for your rights.

We have the litigation expertise and family law experience to handle any situation. You need a lawyer who is going to hear your goals and stay focused on achieving them. That’s what we do at The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C.!


Child Custody

Child custody cases can be a trying time for a family. The experience of our Central Texas child custody attorneys will guarantee that the process is handled precisely and that all of the necessary terms are covered. Child custody laws can be extremely complicated, and The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. will help to clear up the confusion they can cause. We will work to get what is best for your children and you!

When it comes to child custody cases, you have more than one option. There are various types of child custody including primary custody (or sole custody), joint physical custody, and joint legal custody.

In Texas, we now refer to joint or sole custody as "joint conservatorship" or "sole conservatorship".  Joint custody or joint conservatorship, also known as split custody, is often the most beneficial for all parties. However, primary custody, also known as sole conservatorship, may be your only option, and an attorney will strive to get the most beneficial outcome for you and your child.

Joint custody laws provide two options: joint physical custody and joint legal custody. Physical custody calls for both parents to have equal time with the child and equal decision-making power. Legal custody, on the other hand, calls for the child to live primarily with one parent while both parents retain equal decision-making power. If primary custody is not an option, our attorneys will determine which course is best for you and your child.

If the act of deciding who your child will live with and the child custody laws are just too hard to decipher, contact The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. We will go over the joint custody laws with you in order to come to a positive conclusion on where your child lives. Contact us today and we will get what is best for you and your child.


Father's Rights

An unmarried father in Texas who is interested in insuring a role in their child's life should sign up for a free initial consultation with one of our Central Texas Father's Rights attorneys promptly so that we can assist with legally establishing his parental rights. When a judge issues a finding of paternity, the father will have the same rights as a divorced father would have--including, for example, conservator rights (the right to participate in important decisions such as where the child lives, educational decisions, medical decisions, etc.), visitation rights, and even custody.


Family Law Mediation

Texas Family Law Case Mediation is a process in which an impartial third person (a mediator) assists those involved in family breakdown (particularly separating or divorcing couples and single parents) to communicate better with one another and reach their own agreed and informed decisions about their children, finances, property, division of other assets and any additional issues relevant to their separation agreement.

Mediation is an alternative to solicitors negotiating for you or having decisions made for you by the courts. Entering mediation is voluntary and we here at The Law Offices Of Gregory K. Simmons, P.C. can assist. Family Law Case Mediation helps you plan the future.  It offers you the service of our mediators who will listen to each of you and work with everyone involved. The aim is to reach an agreement about the arrangements to be made for the future parenting of your children. Mediators will NOT take sides in a dispute and they will NOT make decisions for you. Click here to schedule a free initial consultation with us today!


Collaborative Law